Thank you 2019

As we end 2019 I am so thankful and grateful. I wake up everyday and tell my husband...”Babe, I am still in disbelief...we are truly here! This farm is ours!” We moved here on March 1st after having fallen in love with it on January 1st. Almost a year ago. I grew up not having much but blessed with my parents‘ love. I always loved nature, hiking, camping...even just being outdoors. It grounded me. Made me feel - ALIVE. I fell in love with a wonderful man - who inspires me even more and loves the outdoors just like me. He helped my dreams come to life. He is my best friend, amazing husband and super dad! The road was not always easy to follow. We had our ups and downs, like everyone, but we stayed on course and here we are! Today we celebrate 2019 and all previous years as they led us right here. We cant wait to continue working on our goals. #thankful #blessed #2019 #bye2019 #hello2020 #farming #nature #dreamscometrue #goals #2020goals

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